As part of my photography coaching, many of my students always ask what they should write in their TFP (Time for Print) or Collaboration (Free Shoots) model release forms. So I decided to put my standard TFP release form on my website.

Please copy the form from here and make amendments as per your requirements and situations.

NOTE: All photographers and models must sign this release form before any photography shoot is undertaken.


  1. All parties involved in this shoot can use only edited photos produced and provided by the photographer for portfolio building or for promoting future photoshoots through social media platform or personal websites.
  2. Any commercial use of photos taken in this shoot is not allowed until further discussed and agreed.
  3. The photographer retains unlimited full and final copyright of the photographs taken in this shoot.
  4. This release restricts all parties involved for selling any photographs taken in this shoot.
  5. All parties involved in the shoot agree on submitting photos to a mutually selected magazine however Photographer retains the rights of final decision if the photos should be submitted or not.
  6. All parties involved should all time credit everyone involved in this shoot while posting or uploading photos to social network or personal websites.
  7. Photographers and models involved in this shoot and signing this release confirm and accept that they are above 18 years old. If a photographer or model is underage, should produce a release from his/her parent/guardian before attending this shoot.
  8. Under no circumstance, anyone else except the Photographer is allowed to edit or apply any editing filters or retouching on the photos taken in this shoot.
  9. All parties involved will receive water marked low-resolution digital copies of the photos from this shoot filtered by the photographer within 2 to 3 weeks of the shoot through Dropbox or email.
  10. All parties involved will mutually select up to 4 to 5 photographs for retouching / editing from the provided proofs. As per photographer’s retouching skills, photographer will retouch these photos within 4 to 12 week time. In case there is a delay in photos delivery, photographer should keep everyone informed and explain the cause of delay. However, no legal action can be taken at any time by anyone involved in this shoot against any other party.
  11. Any party who require additional photos must contact the photographer directly to discuss the rates and payment terms.
  12. In any case, no one is allowed to use unedited photos on social media or personal websites without photographer’s written permission.
  13. In case, if in near or far future, a model requests to remove all of his/her photos from photographers online or offline profile, Photographer will invoice the model for the shoot time and efforts (Minimum $580 – Maximum $2,000) and will remove the photos only after the payment in received.
  14. Photographer shall not be held responsible by any mean any time in any of the following occasions.
  15. Photos are lost due to some unknown disaster such as memory card or hard drive corruption.
  16. Stolen photos end up on some inappropriate online or offline media without photographers consent.
  17. Delays in delivery of photos.
  18. Quality of retouching.
  19. Everyone involved in the shoot is responsible to provide their own public liability insurance (where application)
  20. Under no circumstances, photographer with be responsible for loss of any valuable items before, during and after the shoot, owned by any other party involved in this shoot.
  21. Photographer will not be responsible, in case, during the shoot, if any party involved, is injured or develops a skin reaction or develops a health conditions due to any reason.

Additional Terms and Conditions


  1. Model involved in this shoot confirms to be 18+ years old and photographed in Art Nude /Implied style.
  2. Model involved in this shoot confirms and allow photographer to photograph him/her in Art Nude / Implied poses.
  3. Photographer will not ask the model to undertake any poses that the model is not comfortable with but all poses will be implied or full nude depending on the shoot concept.